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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spend My Cents - Excel Edition - Mack Cope

About a year ago a friend and I created, a reverse product search that searches amazon based on price. A picture of the website is below. 

I struggled a bit about what to do for this final project. So I decided to recreate some of the functionality of this web app in Excel. There really isn’t really a business need for this, but nevertheless it was an opportunity to display some of the things I learned in this class. To recreate some of the functionality of the web app I started with a user form to allow a user to search for products in different categories based on a desired price. When a user clicks search it takes the information they entered and queries our api, which talks to amazon and finds products that are available in that category and at that price. As the results are received, I download the images associated with the products. Once the product information is all downloaded, a user form pops up that allows a user to navigate through each product, with the option to view it on amazon’s we page, or save the information for later.

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