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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Excel Tutorial Framework

There are many people that are not familiar with Microsoft Excel and are unaware how much Excel can help them perform their daily tasks.  Just the simple act of opening Excel can scare some away, simply because of the strange interface and multitude of buttons and options that are available to the user.  While some may be able to get past this first shock of information overload, history and experience tells us that many who are intimidated are unable to get past this experience.

The purpose of my project is to help facilitate the process of learning new items and tasks in Excel, but in a non-traditional manner: I made an easy-to-use and heavily commented framework in VBA that should allow anyone with a basic knowledge of VBA to create and modify their own lessons.  By creating this framework, I hope to enable anyone to make a tutorial on any Excel topic simply and easily, even if they have very little VBA knowledge.  It can be as simple as writing a paragraph, to as complex as having actions and validations for each step of the tutorial. 

To provide an example, I created a simple tutorial that is intended for absolute beginners to Excel, which walks the user through a couple of basic Excel terms, and also contains several actions and a validation.

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