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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Student Administrative Data Collector and Email Distributor

Master of Public Administration
IS520 Final Project
Hyeonseung Kim

Executive Summary

I have worked with a nonprofit organization called “Asian Association of Utah – Refugee and Immigrant Center.” During the Fall 2013 semester, some of my MPA classmates and I developed a protocol to evaluate a youth refugee program that included regression analysis and 360 assessment methodology to determine whether the program is reaching its intended outcomes.  We launched the program evaluation plan at the beginning of the Winter 2014 semester. This evaluation plan is designed to be conducted until April 2015. 

We have collected monthly survey data from youth refugees, case managers, school counselors, teachers, probation officers, mental therapists, and others who are related to the refugee students to perform statistical analysis. There were approximately between 60 and 100 surveys collected each month. Since each student has a different period of participation in the program and those who affect the students vary, managing the survey-recipient pool and sending the survey to the right recipients with limited employees have hindered the efficiency of the organization.  

According to the evaluation plan, the case manager has collected administrative data, such as students’ GPA, absences, and tardiness, to evaluate the impact of the program. My client wanted to have an organized data collection sheet so that he could look at the data at a glance and edit them if necessary. Also, this data is confidential so it should not be revealed to those who did not pass the background check. These problems led me to create this project as a solution. The contents of the solution that I created for the problems are as follows:

Created password input box for security of the workbook
    o Password pop-up
    o Hidden worksheet
Created user form to input administrative data and edit it
    o Inputting and editing student’s information and administrative data
Created email distributor to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization
    o Managing mailing list
    o Sending email to everyone on the list or selected ones
Created ribbon to make the access to the user form and email distributor easy

(Password for the file is vbaproject. The AAU_white.jpg file must be in the same folder where the excel file locates.)

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