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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Payout by Rank Report

I work for a business intelligence company. They work with network marketing companies such as Doterra, BlendTech, and LifeVantage.  When these companies are having problems with their compensation plans, they come to us and we do extensive analysis on their current plan, make suggestions on how to improve their plan and then we do modeling on any changes they are considering making.  The largest part of my job is taking the clients’ data such as sales or enrollment and provide reports that sift out the story of what is going wrong as well as what is going right. My boss says we look for the blood spatters through a set of basic reports. After we find “the blood spatter” we know what suggestions to make to the clients.
One of these common reports (that is also the most time consuming to do by hand) is the Payout by Rank Report.  Each company has distributors that try to build and grow their “own company” underneath them. As they are successful and recruit new people and make more sales they move up in rank. Each rank has added features where the distributor has the opportunity to make more money. There are several different commission types and we want to know how each of the ranks are making their money.  This information allows us to know how each commission type is effecting the distributors and how we can build or reduce the compensation plan. On top of knowing how each rank does, we want to know how those who personally earned at least 10% of their organizational volume (or the volume of the organization they built under them). We use this 10% marker as a way of knowing what people are utilizing the compensation plan to its full potential and we then explore and compare how they are doing it to those who are earning less than 10%.  To break this out we make summary tables of the earnings of each of the ranks and bar charts to illustrate what is going on. This satisfies both the number crunchers and those who like visuals.

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