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Monday, April 14, 2014

Stock Analyzer

Project by Eric Brown

Executive Summary:
Kulakom LLC is a private investment firm formed in 2013. It has two members, and together they decide how to invest the LLC funds. This LLC was set up as an investment vehicle, but is not the sole business of either of its members. Consequently, neither member has a lot of time to spend analyzing and evaluating stocks in which to invest. The members want to actively invest in individual stocks (as opposed to investing in managed funds). So far, they have relied on intuition and gut feelings. They have made a profit so far, but only a meager one. They are looking to make smarter stock picks for their investments. In summary, Kulakom is facing a business problem of not having a good way to analyze and evaluate stocks. This leads to suboptimal investment decisions as most decisions are made off of gut feelings currently.

I have created a tool to help Kulakom evaluate stocks. Stocks are evaluated using eight tests based on Benjamin Graham’s stock investing rules. The user enters a stock ticker symbol, and the program retrieves the relevant financial information from the internet, performs tests, scores the stock, and makes an investment recommendation. The user can also compare the stocks with an automated chart tool. The tool facilitates more informed decision-making for Kulakom as it makes its stock investing decisions.

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