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Monday, April 14, 2014

Farmland Tracker

Executive Summary
The business this project was done for is called Ellsworth Farms. Recently the business experienced a change in management creating additional responsibilities for the manager. The main additional requirement includes keeping track of where each field was in the process. To make this process efficient and easy to track, the manger requested creating an excel sheet. The project allows a simple way to keep track. The manager could then drive around to seventy fields and quickly tabulate the current task.

First, the manger requested having the dates across the top with the field numbers down the side. The request was then to be able to quickly put in each cell what if anything was done for that day.

To solve the problem, I created a tab on the ribbon specifically for the farm. I then added buttons for the specific tasks that would be done. The tasks include watering, cutting, baling, pest, and fertilizer. Each of the buttons when selected would change the active cell to say either: watered, cut, baled, sprayed, or fertilized. He then could keep track easily by scanning over the excel document. I also created a quick button to send a text message to the supervisor. If upon checking the field the manger finds something of need that is not being addressed, the manger will get sent a text message alerting him of the field number that is in need. The cell after selecting will enter text sent to remind that something was done for that day.

For farming when an acre is sprayed with pest, the land cannot be cut until fourteen days have passed. I wanted to draw attention to the date when the field could be cut. To insure this is possible, I included a macro that would highlight the date following the fourteen days.

 Another task I included in the macro was to include a user form. The farm has several workers and many tractors and equipment that can easily have problems. Most of the employees can repair when something is broken, however parts are always needed to be replaced. The stores in the local town have accounts that can be later charged to the farm. With this availability, employees are able to purchase the needed parts. However, this can become a problem keeping track of all new purchases. The solution made was to create a separate excel sheet for all purchases. I then created a user form that would ask for the name of the employee, the item purchased, the invoice number and the price. This way all purchases would be tracked and easily drawn up when needing to review the information.

The only assistance I received on this project was the request for the excel sheet from the manager. He had a few specific requests which I tried to solve in the best way possible. The project was a simpler job however the problem was solved. This was the simplest way I found to create an efficient tool to track the fields. Because of the simplicity of the project, the tasks I performed did not require additional assistance. Therefore, I never ran into an aspect that was not able to be accomplished either.

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