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Saturday, April 12, 2014

BYU BAP Reporting Tool
Spencer Mecham

Executive Summary:
            I built an updated reporting tool for the Beta Alpha Psi organization. The reporter is in charge of reporting the minutes for the chapter, both professional and service. Because many members do not remember to report their minutes, and it is difficult to remember which of the recurring weekly meetings they attended, we provide a card swipe service. We swipe their BYU ID cards and match the ID number to their name.
            We had an excel workbook that took care of this function, but it was based on access to the BYU database and other websites that have since been made private (and we were not granted access). Thus the only functionality that remained was to create a new event (tab) and to pull the student info from the first tab in order to update the card swipes for the active tab. Because the BYU database was now off limits the reporter had to manually copy student ID numbers and names to the tool. Then the new users had to be added to Canvas before the reporter could (manually) give minutes for any event they attended.

            I wanted to revamp the tool to do two more things; import ID numbers (with auto update of all data) and upload the data in the tool directly to Canvas. To import ID numbers the tool needed to access the results from a Google form; then compare those results with what was in the tool to determine if there were new people. Then, if there are new people, add them (both in tool and on Canvas) and update all current events. The Upload minutes button would write to a CSV file then upload the file to Canvas.

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