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Friday, December 11, 2009

Aircraft Part Measurement Analysis

Aircraft Part Measurement Analysis
Parker Leavitt

Executive Summary

My project was created for the Coordinate Measuring Machine Operators at Wencor in Springville, Utah. Wencor provides brand-name aircraft parts to repair stations, operators of general aviation aircraft and to major airlines worldwide. Wencor has FAA-PMA authority to manufacture over 600 parts. Wencor supplies parts to over 3,000 customers, including over 250 airlines, worldwide.

My project was to make a tool that would take information created by a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), summarize the information, and then run some statistical analysis on the data. The CMM takes multiple measurements of a part and then will export the information to an excel worksheet. The machine creates a new worksheet for every part that it measures. The number of measurements taken varies depending on the type of part that is being measured. The program needs to be able to summarize and analyze over 200 parts and the measurement for each one. This analysis is important so the operators will know if a batch of parts meets the rigorous standards that are required. I tested my program to be working with over 500 parts.

A new Excel workbook is created for each new type of part that is to be measured. To make the program more available and easy to use, I made the program into an Excel add-in that will add a tab to the Excel Ribbon. This will allow access to the statistical analysis from any open workbook. This simplifies the use of the program and makes it more useful to the Coordinate Measuring Machine Operators at Wencor.

The program takes the measurements from each part and creates a final analysis page. The page shows some of the measures the CMM Operators use to determine if the parts meet the quality standards. The program also allows the multiple workbooks to be combined into a single workbook to make gathering data about a type of parts easier. The analysis can be run multiple times if the data changes.

Full Write-up

Project file

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