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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Drakinator by Drake Allsop

Executive Summary

The BYU Bookstore eCommerce Department currently sells items for many other organizations on campus, like Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, the Law School, and the library, etc. Their central database, Sequioa, keeps track of sales information, including quantity, price, and order number. Each organization’s merchandise is assigned a class code, i.e. Lacrosse is represented by the code 1008. At the end of each month, eCommerce personnel create reports that show all of the sales in a particular class. That data is then used to generate a check request for the appropriate organization.

The previous method involved using several different programs, and took one full-time employee between 10 and 20 hours a month to create this reports. Each one was carefully exported from the database, and painstaking formatted according to form.

I created a program in Excel called the Drakinator to make this process much simpler, and automate all of the formatting requirements. The Drakinator opens with a form that asks the user to input a class code, beginning date, and ending date. With that information, the Drakinator queries the Sequioa database and gets data from 4 different tables and organizes that information onto a spreadsheet. Total prices and payment amounts are then calculated, and the entire sheet is formatted to be ready to print and exported to a new workbook. Finally, the user is prompted to save the workbook and a message displays that says the report was successfully generated.

Full Drakinator Write Up.pdf

Drakinator v1.xlsm

**NOTE: This program was designed for use with the Bookstore's internal server. It will not run correctly outside of the Bookstore. You may however open it up to see the user form and view the code.

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