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Friday, December 11, 2009

Statistical Research Program - Matthew Nelson

Executive Summary:

Dr. David Bryce is a professor within the OLS Department of the Marriott School currently engaged in research related to industry diversification. One element of his research requires strings of data to be produced that act as industry models. These strings of data are then run through Putty (a program hosted in Unix) where output is created. The output file models each industry scenario in a way that is informative into the ways industries diversify product portfolios. The generation of random industry scenarios alone would require several full days of work (per trial) if completed manually and in large numbers. The transfer and execution of these files through an FTP client and then to Putty and back would also require an equal amount of time.

My project includes a model that gathers the various input factors via a custom built userform, creates random streams of industry scenarios as per the user’s preference, and creates text/executable files that are sent through an FTP client to the Putty program. The executable files then direct the Putty program to run and open the output file for the user. The program takes a project that would have required several whole days to complete (per trial) and reduces the time to completion to several seconds. In addition, the user has complete visibility via the “Preview” option and can adjust instantaneously via the “Refresh” command to allow for an efficient and flexible user experience.

see full writeup -

see VBA file -

this file is needed for the code to execute in Putty. Make sure to change the file extensions in this bat before proceding:

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