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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Contract Threshold Matrix

Executive Summary:
I created a threshold matrix for the contracts department of NAVAIR Weapons Division. NAVAIR WD is the weapons department of the NAVY. All money transactions for weapons that are bought or developed must be pre-approved through the contract department. The department receives money from other government agencies involved in developments and finds the desired suppliers of the needed product or service. This program will be used in the systems/software/databases office that aids in writing contracts. This program will be used by contract specialists (people who write contracts).

To learn more about the NAVAIR Weapons Division click on the following link.

In the past the contract specialists had problems knowing who are the supervisors that need to approve different types of contracts. A “warrant” is the maximum dollar amount that the supervisor can sign for. Depending on contract type and dollar value, the program that I created allows a user to know the names of the supervisors, their positions, and the warrant level of the authorized personnel.
On the Results Sheet where the main program is ran, I made the end results user friendly in order that the employees can print the information needed. The department wanted to have a color code for the different positions of supervisors who will be signing for the contracts.
Also, I made some user forms on an Employees tab to help with data entry and editing.

Check out my excel file:

Check out my document:

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