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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Waddingham & Peterson Law Firm Database

Heath Waddingham

MBA 614

Executive Summary

Waddingham & Peterson is a small growing law firm located in Delta, Utah. The two partners at the firm employ family members as secretaries and assistants, and none of these family members have any formal training in bookkeeping or recordkeeping. The two partners at the firm would like to keep track of their clients, employees, and all transactions which take place at the firm. The current manual process is error prone and inefficient: a secretary or assistant receives a note from one of the partners about new clients and new transactions and simply looks for the spot in an Excel spreadsheet where the information should go. The assistants are not always able to locate the correct spot, so the data needs to be validated frequently. In addition to fixing these problems, the partners would like to restrict certain more sensitive activities (e.g., inputting new client information) to more experienced staff members or even to the partners alone.

To solve this problem I created a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to maintain client, employee, and transaction data. To prevent (or at least reduce the likelihood of) the problems mentioned previously, I used a VBA program to provide a buffer between the user and the database. The program provides an interface that both simplifies data entry and recall while limiting the user’s ability to input faulty data. To further safeguard the integrity of the data I included a variety of controls, such as password verification and two different authorization levels offering different degrees of access.

Ultimately, this program will reduce the time required to input data while simultaneously reducing the frequency of errors.

Full Project Writeup: Click Here

Macro-enabled Excel Workbook: Click Here (To log in, user name is "admin" and password is "password")

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