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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Band Manager VBA Application

Executive Summary

I am a very busy and active performing musician. I play with several bands and groups, host and promote concerts, and record and sell CDs. I track the musicians that I work with, venue contacts, CD sales, and other finances. I created the Band Manager application because I was looking for a way to do all of these things in a single, unified environment.

The application uses a modified relational data model. The advantage to this is that Band Manager supports one to many and many to many relationships between objects. Also, in addition to it's robust processing capabilities, the interface is simple and intuitive. The user interacts with the Band Manager UI and never with the data tables.

The application is launched from a button on the main worksheet upon opening the application. Once the UI is visible, the user can create, read, and update musicians, bands, venues, gigs, and merchandise objects. The user can also create or delete relationships between musicians and bands, venues and gigs, and financial transactions with merchandise and gigs. Lastly, the user may view reports about disbursements and sales.

Full write up availablehere
excel workbook availablehere

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