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Thursday, December 10, 2009

A VBA Project for Health Equity

Executive Summary

Health Equity is a personal healthcare financial services company that provides employers, health insurers, benefits administrators, and financial institutions with integrated HSA, HRA and FSA administration across multiple health plan providers. It was founded in 2002 and is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company manages more than 100,000 healthcare accounts from Fortune 500 companies to small employers. Health Equity’s focus is on building health savings for employers and individuals through a consumer-directed healthcare solution aimed at providing highly satisfying healthcare benefits for employees and lower benefits costs for employers.

My dad is a Senior Vice President of Partner Solutions at Health Equity and has been in that position since late 2008. He manages customer accounts and business development for the southwestern United States. He has been looking for a system that would help him manage his efforts to find new clients located in this area. He understands how general functions in excel work but will need a system that is very simple and straightforward to use in order for it to be beneficial to him. This project is designed to introduce new clients to my dad that he had not previously considered and to be an easy to use database that will help him manage and access large amounts of information quickly and easily and hopefully obtain new clients, which is the ultimate goal.

This system is a database that facilitates access to Fortune 1000 companies and more located in the southwestern sales region through providing general company information as well as information specifically related to Health Equity’s business development opportunities with these potential clients. Health Equity uses stages to track the progress of potential clients. This database provides a summary page that allows the user to see the stages that each client is in and tasks that need completion. This summary page contains many filtering options to make desired information more accessible. To access the more specific information about a company the user can open up the Companies form which opens up access to the general information that is retrieved from Yahoo! Finance as well as health plan and strategy information that is input by the user.

There are also some other key features of the database. The user can add new companies by providing a small amount of information and then general company information is retrieved automatically. Upon opening the workbook, an email is sent to the user to notify him of the tasks that are due that day. There is also the ability to print the contents of a form at the click of a button. The capabilities of the database and how to navigate and use its options will be furthered explained in the following implementation documentation.

My dad says that because of this system he now knows many more companies to focus on and information that will be needed to contact them, thus providing him many more sales opportunities. Additionally, he is excited at the ability to easily mange his efforts on these companies thus potentially saving him hours per month by organizing his work on many different potential clients into one place. My dad also says he plans on showing this system to other VP’s at Health Equity who he believes could benefit from a system like this.

*Note: I tried using the email function from the linked Excel file but it doesn't seem to be able to access the text file on the FTP that is used to send the email. You need to save both the Excel file and the text file to the same location in order for the email function to work otherwise you will get an error when you open the Excel file.

Link to Excel file

Link to Write-up

Link to text file used to send emails

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