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Friday, December 11, 2009

iTunes Playlist Generator

Shawn Hansen


As I was creating music playlists in iTunes, whether for the car, just to listen to during homework, or for parties, I became frustrated with the inability to easily go through a genre and select songs. It just took too long to go through every song. I wanted a quick jump off point using songs that maybe I haven’t listened to recently. When burning a playlist to a CD, playlists are limited to the size of the CD so the ability to conform a playlist to a length constraint was desirable. The same goes for creating a playlist to meet a time constraint of an event where music would be played.

My VBA application takes an iTunes music library and will organize another playlist based on the desired length of the playlist and desired genre. The tracks in the playlist are organized randomly.

View the full documentation here

Download the Excel file here

Download the sample music library here

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