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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jaxon Physical Therapy

Created by: Mason McGinn


My uncle, who I will refer to as Joe Jaxon, has his own physical therapy business. He treats many patients with different physical ailments who, consequentially, require different exercises and treatments to correct their respective ailments. He would really like a way to (a) keep track of patients’ information, (b) record patients’ progress through an exercise or treatment, (c) quickly generate and send patients’ billing statements, and (d) quickly generate and send follow-up emails to patients. A system that could accomplish these things would help him better track patients’ information and progress as well as greatly reduce the time he spends composing emails and generating billing statements.

The system I built accomplishes all of the things that Joe wants out of a system. First, the system provides a user form where Joe can add a new patient to a complete patient list. Here he can record the patient’s contact information (e.g., name, address, email, etc.), ailment (e.g., sore back), treatment or exercise (e.g., medicine ball toss), and the date of the patient’s last appointment. The system also enables Joe to edit existing patients’ information through this same form and enables him to view the complete patient list.

The system also enables Joe to generate customized progress reports and billing statements for each patient. The progress report records what exercise or treatment the patient has performed and generates a graph to visually show the patient’s progress over time. The system saves these reports to and recalls them from a separate folder. Billing statements are generated by entering information about the patient’s appointment (e.g., date, duration, materials used or purchased, etc.) into a user form. Based on this information, the appropriate fees are charged using a billing rate list. The statement is then automatically created and sent to the patient as an attachment in an email and saved in a separate folder.

Finally, the system enables Joe to send an email to patients who he hasn’t seen or heard from in a while in order to check up on how they are doing.

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