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Friday, December 11, 2009

Income For Life

Income For Life
Merrill Financial Associates
By: Tyler Baldwin

Executive Summary

Merrill Financial Associates is a wealth management firm located in Provo, UT. The firm seeks out individuals looking to invest large sums of money, generally $50,000 or more. When a new client is found, a relationship between the firm and the client is formed through several meetings where the client’s needs and goals are expressed. A detailed summary about each client is created through these initial visits and a financial plan is put in place that looks out anywhere from five to fifty years. Using equity and bond funds, the money is invested and semi-annual reviews are conducted by analysts at the firm.

While I am constantly updating our systems to keep track of clients, determine asset allocations, and trades fund, which are based off of a few large excel documents, I wanted to develop a new project to assist the firm. The owner of the firm recently came up with the idea of having “income for life”. His main goal with this idea to develop strategies preserving the wealth of high net worth individuals that plan on investing for the majority of their lives. After meeting with the owner, we decided that there needed to be a way to display the important figures of a client’s estimated future earnings in a simple way. That’s when he turned it over to me. For this project, I wrote a VBA program where a client could input a few key figures about his investment and instantly view details about the future of his investment

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