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Thursday, December 10, 2009

QB Interface 1.0


QB Interface 1.0 was designed for users of Quickbooks who need more flexibility to process common Quickbooks-related tasks. Specifically, the application in its current form is capable of adding customers, checks, & invoices either individually or in mass through importation into Quickbooks® using the Quickbooks QBFC in addition to XML. The benefit of such an approach is that companies often process these tasks in batch, and this allows for a more convenient and efficient method for doing so. In order to run QB Interface 1.0, you must have Microsoft Excel as well as Quickbooks installed on the same machine. In addition, Quickbooks must be open to operate this application and QB Interface 1.0 is not compatible with Quickbooks Simple Start Edition. To be clear, this is a work-in-progress and my hope is that other developers will be able to expand upon the functionality of this application.

Click here to download the complete user's manual.
Click here to download the application.

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