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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winder Farms

Executive Summary

Winder Farms provides fresh dairy, produce, and other food products to the doorsteps of its customers. Having been in business since 1880, the company has nearly thirty thousand customers in Ogden, Salt Lake City, Orem, St. George, and Las Vegas. Recently, management has become concerned with tracking customer turnover. Consequently, every day since the beginning of 2009 the sales and customer service teams have been tracking the number of customers who quit. In addition, the reasons the customers give for quitting are recorded for more than fifteen categories.

Another convern the management has is that many of Winder's customers sign up for continuing deliveries but cancel specific purchases. In other words, each day the company has many more potential deliveries than actual deliveries. In order to find trends, the customer service staff reports the number of customers that take delieveries each day by category of the customer (standard, call-in, etc.).

Currently, one employee receives three reports each day (the customer turnover report, the quit reasons report, and the potential and actual deliveries report) and manually enters the data for the day into two Excel workbooks. This takes about one hour of data entry per day, five to six days per week. This program eliminates the need for manual data entry by converting the PDF reports into usable formats, parsing the data, and printing it to the appropriate cells the workbook. The process now takes less than three minutes, saving the employee fiver hours of work per week and the company an estimated $2500 per year.

Full Report

(The full files will not be posted for confidentiality reasons.)

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