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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Classroom/Grade Management

Executive Summary

The VBA program I created is for the use of a kindergarten teacher. This teacher teaches at Wilson Elementary School in Payson, UT. Wilson Elementary currently has both morning and afternoon kindergarten classes.

The kindergarten teacher that I created this project for currently tracks her students’ information all on paper. All assignments, student information, and grades are tracked and computed on paper documents. The teacher’s current process is time consuming and makes it difficult to quickly see how a student is performing. Also, this teacher is teaching their students letters, sounds, and numbers. Again, all of this information is tracked on paper.

This teacher wanted a way to electronically track student information, student grades, and the letters, sounds, and numbers that each student knows. The teacher, however, is not very familiar with excel and the different ways that it can be manipulated. The program that I created allows the teacher to enter students’ personal information for both their morning and afternoon class, as well as edit students’ personal information if mistakes were made. The program allows the teacher to enter assignments and assign a point value, as well as edit those assignments if need be. The teacher can track in the program which upper case, lower case, sounds, and numbers each student knows all on one form, making it user friendly. Also, the teacher is able to enter grades for each student and for each assignment that has been inputted into the program. Finally, the teacher is able to click on a button that calculates the percentage of class points a student has received; and the teacher can also click on a button that will create a graph for the selected class period showing each student, assignment, and the students’ grade for the assignments.

This program will enable the teacher to more easily track student information, assignments, grades, etc., without ever inputting anything into excel. The teacher only interacts with user forms, giving them access to excel’s functionality without having to know how to perform these tasks.

Submitted by: Jared Hartley


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