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Friday, December 11, 2009

Tracking Days-in-Inventory

Executive Summary by Jason Gregory

The owners at the new car dealership Gregory, Pontiac, Buick, and GMC trucks are constantly evaluating which vehicles to order from GM as there is usually about a six month lag from the time they order the vehicle to the time when they receive the vehicle. In the past, they have used subjective methods to decide which vehicles to order. Because of the the economic downturn and capital constraints, the owners are in need of more objective methods to more accurately order vehicles. In addition, the owners would like to quickly pull information from the internet about their customer’s satisfaction levels to one central location.

The first purpose of this project is to look at the days-in-inventory for each vehicle that is sold and then create graphs and charts that summarize which vehicles are in stock the least amount of time. By using visual basic for applications (VBA), a user can import the most accurate inventory data and then view graphs and tables that summarize which sold vehicles were in stock the least amount of time. Additionally the VBA allows the user to decide what values should be used for various parameters through user-forms. This project allows its users to look a summary of inventory data within a few minutes.

The second purpose of this project uses VBA to access data from multiple sites. In addition to pulling data from multiple sites, the VBA allows the user to access password protected sites after providing their user name and password. The data is then accessed easily in one location eliminating more than half the previously required time.

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