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Friday, December 11, 2009

PBC Report Project

2.1 Executive Summary
This Summer I interned for a major accounting firm. My job included performing audit support – testing, evaluating, and documenting business processes. Audit support is demanding work, and it is very task oriented – you have to meet deadlines even if that means working late. The audit team needs to communicate often with the clients in order to retrieve evidence, understand processes, and adequately evaluate controls. The client’s employees have business responsibilities of their own, and obtaining said information on a timely basis is crucial for the team to complete tasks according to the deadlines.
The team I was part of used an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of the items we requested from the client – Provided by Client, or PBCs. At the end of each day, the team leader would request all information for updating the PBC List. The leader would then create new PBCs, or modify existing ones to reflect completion or a deadline extension. Some days only a few PBCs were created and updated, but other days there were many that needed to be modified. Updating PBCs is a tedious, yet necessary task that wasted the team’s valuable time.
For my final project I created a spreadsheet that automates the process of maintaining PBCs. All entries can now be created and modified using a simple, intuitive user interface. Reports can be accessed and sorted by clicking the respective button. Due to varied workload during the course of a process, the number of members on a team is not always the same. Process owners can also be added as the width of the project progresses. In order to accommodate for this, the program lets the user create new process owners and team members. To ensure constant communication with the client, my program allows the user to e-mail all the people responsible for PBCs automatically.

Full writeup
Project File
*Screenshots on my write-up don't look that good and I'm frankly a little tired of dealing with computers. So, for a decent screenshot go here

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