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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Expense Report Analysis


My father works for Siemens as a consultant. He and his team of 20 are currently devoting most of their time to working for Lockheed Martin. Siemens is implementing a software system for Lockheed Martin that will improve their ability to manage product lifecycles. My dad is responsible for the group and also for the expenses claimed by those with him. He works 12 to 16 hour days and has very little time for non essential housekeeping things. Every so often he receives a excel file with all the expenses claimed by his team since the project began. It is time consuming for him to go through and identify people who are taking advantage of the company. Therefore, I created a simple VBA interface that will allow him to input the parameters he desires and then to click on “Run” and a list will be generated of all the claims requested that fall outside those parameters. He can then print that list to the excel file for easy use. It is also helpful for him to identify any trends for planning purposes. So I created a tab that allows him to choose an expense type and then print out the weekly numbers so he can use the data to create a graph.

Click here to see the full report

Note: The excel file is not posted due to the private nature of the content.

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