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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Let There Be Light


I worked with a local company called Let There Be Light. This is a window cleaning company based here in Utah Valley. They were having some trouble as they grew with regard to creating a database for their customers. They did not have an electronic database. They scanned in their customer’s receipts, saved as PDF files, and those constituted their records. As management, they had some repetitive tasks to perform each week. They would print out a template each week and manually lookup payroll taxes for their employees and manually calculate how much to withhold in FICA, FUTA, and State Unemployment. They also had to calculate how much to maintain in Retained Earning and how much each partner would receive. This took a considerable amount of time each week.

I began this project by entering in all of their current clients to create a database. I then created a three-step process by which they could enter in all of their data at the end of each week and the program calculates the taxes, including looking up the taxes from the state and federal tax tables.

Click here for complete write-up

Click here for excel file

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