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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ward Membership Data Viewer

I'm a ward clerk in my ward, and I wanted a way to quickly see a few highlights about a member. I thought it would be nice to be able to select a member from a list and see who his or her home and visiting teachers were, along with what calling they had in the ward, and a link to map their address.

My application in Excel requires and export of the membership, visiting teaching, home teaching, and organization files from MLS (the church ward organizer). Once the export is obtained, a user can put that data on their home computer and create a Microsoft data sources (similar to a local database) out of the csv files. Link that data source inside Excel and let the worksheet do the rest. It will use queries to crawl through the csv files and make connections between people in the four files.

On the front page there is a large button to launch the membership viewer. Once your data has been imported, click it and away you go. You can select any member off your ward and see at-a-glance various pieces of information about them all at once. The form is easily expandable to include any other available datapoints that you find useful. Lastly, click the Map It! button to find out exactly where they live on a Google Map.

I've enjoyed creating this application and I think you'll enjoy using it. Please see the attached documentation and files for your use:

Richard Eddy ward project.xlsm

VTwID small.dqy
Query from Ward Data.dqy
Query from Ward for organization csv.dqy
HTwID household and IndivID on left.dqy

Instructions on using the Church Membership Viewer.pdf

That should be it! Thanks,

Richard Eddy

P.S. I have now tried to get the .dqy links and they don't appear to work. I have created the hyperlinks alright, so my only guess is that either Blogger doesn't want to connect those files, or Gove's site does not want to give those up.
Either way, the queries come included in the xlsm file so you don't really need them. I was including them as a resource for those who would like to edit the queries.

Thanks again!

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