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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Security Analyzer

Executive Summary
I decided to create a simple stock analyzer for my project. The program was not written for any company, but can be used by anyone interested in the stock market. I have had many friends ask me to create something to help them select stocks from the thousands of available options. The stock market contains thousands of securities that investors will want to consider for their portfolios. Many people are interested in the stock market but do not know where to start their research with so many possibilities.

My program is designed to gather selected data on any number of stocks in order to analyze those stocks quickly. The program limits the time spent analyzing thousands of data points and helps the user narrow his or her search to a reasonable number for further investigation. The analysis to be done is based on the company's "Ticker Symbol". In order to simplify the program for the user, I included a number of popular stock indices which the user may want to analyze (or the user can input his or her list of stocks). After theticker symbols are input, the program brings company financial data and ratios into the excel spreadsheet and organizes the data in an easy to understand format.

After all of the data is entered into the workbook, the user will see a user form. The form will allow the user to look at key data points for an individual stock which are relevant in equity valuation. The user also has an option of looking at another form which will select the top five results in any of the given financial categories. I believe that the user forms will give the potential investor sufficient information to narrow down a search from thousands of possible investments to a handful of promising candidates. The user will then be responsible to research each option further and decide which, if any, are worth his/her investment.

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