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Friday, December 11, 2009

Finding the Area of a Cutter

Isys 520 Final Project

Jordan Peterson

Executive Summary

This program is intended for the use in the company Novatek. One of Novatek’s main products they produce is a drill bit used in down-hole drilling applications. These include drilling for oil and natural gas. An example of one of these drill bits is shown below.

As can be seen, each of the five blades has multiple diamond-coated cutting inserts which break the ground apart. The design of the bit continually changes in an attempt to find the best design for a specific kind of rock it is cutting through. With each design, the balance of the bit is very important. If one of the blades is cutting more of the surface of the rock than the other blades, then the entire bit will vibrate excessively, causing it to drift off its desired trajectory.

The system I built will allow a user in input coordinates for the cutters found in the 3-D modeling program. These points will then be used to determine the area of each cutter that is used for cutting the rock. This can then be taken to another program which will be able to determine if the bit is balanced.

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