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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Project Scheduler

My brother is an engineer at Microsoft and he asked me to create a program to help him schedule projects.

This program creates a schedule based on input from the user on the customer, the operating system, drivers, and the start date of the projects.

With this information, the program creates a schedule with all of the steps necessary for that project, as well as the projected start and end date for each step.

Once a project has started, if a particular step needs more time, then there is a button to enter in the new end date and each of the following steps will be adjusted accordingly.

When a new schedule is being created, the program checks to see if an old one is present, and if one is, the old schedule is stored on a separate worksheet.

A separate button allows the user to run a report that checks these past schedules for how many steps and projects were finished late or early.

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