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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Church Reading Assignment Reminder

My project was not done for a business, but to help me in my calling as a Sunday school teacher in my ward. I have noticed that when the students read the lesson materials before coming to class then there is much better discussion and learning that takes place. I think that in general everyone wants to read, but with our busy lives we sometimes forget. I have tried to send out reading reminders at the beginning of each week, but I also tend to forget to do that and when I do remember it takes time to actually find the links and write the emails.

My project seeks to use user forms to make sending a digital reading reminder quick and easy. In addition to sending reminders for Sunday school I built in the ability to also send a reminder about the Priesthood or Relief Society lesson that will be taught that week. The system requires a one-time setup to input student information (name, email address, phone number, classes attending, and contact method preference) and information about the ward and teaching material (annual Sunday school topic, when the ward has stake conference, etc.). After that information is entered into the system then the user only needs to open the spreadsheet, take a quick look to make sure the information looks accurate (it will update automatically based on the date) and press the send button. There is also an ability to adjust the message that is sent out each week (so you can wish everyone a Merry Christmas in the same email).

The file can be accessed here:

Here is the link to the writeup:

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