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Monday, April 11, 2011

Mountain America Credit Union to Budget Automation

For the past few years I have kept a budget in Microsoft Excel. This budget is a static document that I add to by either typing each transaction or logging into my credit union, Mountain America, copying the transactions that have been posted, pasting them into Excel, then formatting the text into the desired format. After years of doing this exact procedure I have gotten fairly fast but it is always a tedious task. I have been looking for a way to automate this process to increase efficiency.

This system which I have called “Update Finances” has been written to automate the above described process. Running the system will go to and retrieve all transactions since the last import date up to today’s date. After automated formatting of the imported transactions, it will then present each transaction to the user for further formatting and categorization. The user may then save or delete the transaction. The following is a detailed description of how this system saves time and energy in the budgeting process.

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