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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Movie Inventory Maintenance Program

Executive Summary

The Business

The business is maintaining home inventory. I have older children whom I have placed responsibility on to maintain different ‘zones’. One zone is the media center, where one of the children is in charge of making sure movies and video games are maintained. Part of this system requires being able to ‘check-out’ items to other family members. We had no system in place to easily facilitate this, so I used it as the basis of my project.

System Details

The system will maintain a list of all movies that we own. The toolbar was customized with a Movie Checkout button in the corner of the Data ribbon. When a user checks a movie out, it will track the date it is checked out, the user who checked it out, and temporarily remove it from inventory. Checking the movie back in replaces it to inventory and clears the name and date it was checked out.

The system will also be able to add new movies to the dataset. The user will enter a movie title in which the system will look up on-line and download genre information, a list of the primary actors and actresses, run time, and release date. It will then, when prompted, copy this information into the dataset.

Project URLs

Excel Files

PDF Writeup

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