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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SocializeMe - Social Media Reputation Monitor

Executive Summary

As more and more people begin to discuss and engage with companies and brands online through social media, the importance of knowing how a brand is perceived is critical. Executives and decision makers need clear breakdowns of how their brand is performing so that they can make decisions. This VBA application entitled SocializeMe aggregates statistics from the social media fire hose, gathers reviews of the brand, and compiles it into a historical snapshot report that is then emailed to the client. Using this week-by-week analysis, executives will be able to see at a glance how they are faring on the social web, and make appropriate strategic decisions accordingly.

I run a small web design and development firm, and I have been looking to offer some sort of social media monitoring service to my clients for a while. I had actually tried to build such a service in native programming language before (Ruby) but had run into issues with pages being half loaded, etc. When I learned about the ability for Excel to control Internet Explorer via proxy, and combined with its ability to organize information and charts, it seemed the perfect solution. Once a report is generated for the week, the main report is exported as a PDF and immediately emailed to the client. In the future, I could also automate the process of opening the file and running the report, so that I could do the entire process unattended.

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