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Monday, April 11, 2011

My Client Dashboard

Executive Summary

Description of Business

J.P. Morgan & Chase is an American global securities, investment banking, and retail banking firm. It is a major provider of financial services with assets of $2 trillion. Their private bank manages more than $600 billion in client assets and has offices all over the world. After visiting the office several times and speaking with several of the bankers at the Denver office, I was able to come up with a need for them and the way they track their clients and current prospects.

As of right now, the bankers and their associates maintain their contacts, their contacts information, and notes of prior conversations with each client/prospect in an individual notebook. Bankers are frequently attending large events where they meet several prospective clients. They return to the office with a stack of business cards and have no formal way of organizing each contact. Many of the bankers are unfamiliar with using excel and actually fear using a computer at all in order to maintain an accurate list of their contacts. I should note that once a client actually begins to invest with J.P. Morgan their name and all their information is obviously stored in a highly sophisticated system. However, until that point, each banker has his or her individual way of keeping track of each contact. Frequently, a banker will lose a business card, misplace his or her contact notebook, or forget a recent conversation with a client or prospect. This can result is a whole slew of problems for the bankers from the loss of potential business to the destruction of current relationships. These challenges created a perfect opportunity to use the power of VBA to develop a solution to this problem.

System Overview

The system I have developed to resolve the predefined problem is called “My Client Dashboard.” It is a CRM that enables bankers and their associates to keep track and store all their existing and prospective clients information into one excel workbook. The Dashboard displays the number of contacts within a banker’s book, displays statistics on the type and quality of each client or prospect, displays the details of the most recent conversation with that client/prospect, and how long ago they were contacted. I believe this system has been developed to the point that anybody can successful utilize it to its full potential, even those who fear using computers and excel. The entire workbook is managed through command buttons, allowing easy navigation from sheet to sheet and simplicity in entering new contacts information.


Excel Workbook:

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