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Friday, April 15, 2011

Read It (reading practice for elementary school children)

“Read It” is a program that generates your choice of either sentences or mad libs. The program is meant to assist young children as they learn to read. The program allows children to choose grade level and difficulty of the sentences generated. Characteristic of the original mad libs, all sentences generated are usually comical in nature but are grammatically correct. Since the purpose of the program is to introduce children to new words, there is a “Say it” option so that a child may hear the sentences if they are having trouble reading a particular word or phrase.

After choosing a grade level for noun difficulty, the user can choose a category for the adjectives he/she would like to practice. The user also may choose which letter he/she would like the verbs to start with. Of course, for a wider range of sentence randomization, the user may select "Any" for each of these categories. Once configured, the user may choose from three difficulties. The beginner difficulty generates a short random sentence with only the essential parts of a sentence. The average difficulty will generate a sentence with several more than one subject and more than one verb. The advanced difficulty incorporates adverbs.

The "Mad Lib" button will generate a short story with the user's name as the subject. Download it and have fun. Happy learning.

The project write-up is here:

Get "Read It" here:

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