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Friday, April 15, 2011

Real Estate Agent Email Capture

Executive Summary

My brother is a real estate agent in the DC area. He has access to the MRIS internet database that all other real estate agents in the surrounding area are a part of. This database has agent information by broker office and when you select an office you are then given a list of agents in that office. One issue with this database is that if he wants to send an email to several of his colleagues in the same area, or the same agency (i.e. to let them know about an open house, etc.) he would have to look up each individual and click to send an email. The email address is not listed, but can only be accessed from each individual’s record by clicking an “Email Agent” link. This link opens up a window with whatever your default email program is, and has the agent’s email in the “To:” line. So in a list of 20-30 agents, you can imagine what kind of a pain this would be.

I have developed a program that logs in to the system for him and allows him to input the broker code for an office. The program takes this code and runs to output to an excel spreadsheet, the real estate agent name and email address for each agent in the office. This will save him much time an effort, especially when he has several different broker offices of which he needs the information.

Thank you,

Aaron Fischer

Below are the links to the PDF writeup of my project and the Macro-Enabled Excel Spreadsheet:

To protect my brother's privacy I have starred out his login information in the code.

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