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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Syllabus Synthesizer

Every semester each student gets a syllabus from each of their professors. Usually this is 4-6 syllabi per student. Nowadays, a syllabus can be found online, in a Word document, or (rarely) just on a piece of paper. Some students manually create their own synthesized schedules of all the assignments found in all theirs syllabi and some just fly by the seat of their pants, trying to remember all five class assignments at once. Students need a central source of organization for syllabus data, specifically what the assignments are and when they are due.

Syllabus Synthesize takes Syllabi from three different sources: the BYU Syllabus builder website, a Word document, or just something pasted or typed into Excel. The program takes these syllabi through a user interface and asks the user to identify certain attributes about the syllabi. After that the user need enter in no more data; the program will do all of the work. The program puts the syllabi into their own separate sheets. Then, the program will take all the data from each sheet and synthesize it in the Home sheet. This synthesizing pulls all assignments and readings due today, tomorrow and throughout the next week and organizes them.

The user clicks the Update button in order to update information on the various syllabi sheets into the home sheet. The user can make changes to the syllabi for each class if the professor changes a date or something. The user can also delete syllabi sheets from the user interface. The program sends out email reminders for assignments that are formatted much the same way as the Home sheet.

Dan Burner

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