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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Recipe Organizer By Eli Trejo

Executive summary

Description of the business: the application was designed for family use. Currently, my wife, as well as most of my family members, keeps her recipes in 3” by 5” flashcards. When a flashcard is damaged the recipe is lost, when a new recipe is received or when a recipe is shared, several minutes are wasted transcribing the recipe by hand.

Overview of the system: This application allows the user to neatly organize his/her food recipes more effectively than existing free web applications. Besides being able to enter, modify, and delete recipes in a matter of seconds, the user has both simple and advanced search capabilities to navigate to recipes stored in his/her local computer as well as recipes from Assuming than an internet connection is available, the application allows the user to import recipes from to his/her local spreadsheet with a simple click. Also, the application allows the user to email recipes (imported from the web or entered manually) to one or multiple users in a matter of seconds.

The application allows the user to do all the necessary recipe transactions without having to directly navigate in Excel (everything is done through forms). If in the feature the user decides to move all of his/her stored recipes into a database, such as MS Access, there will be no need to modify the data stored in Excel. All the recipes are broken down into different parts (tables) and each part is stored in different sheets to follow best database design conventions. In addition, all the restrictions in addition and deletion of data common to a database are being implemented in this application to protect data integrity. Regardless of the database of use, the user will be able to import all its recipes into the desired database tables without any modifications. Overall, this project is a complete application of all the concepts and tools learned in class as well as from other VBA teachings sources.

Write Up:

Excel File

Text File (put it in the same location of the excel file)

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