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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wall Street Excel

The purpose of this project is to allow BYU students such as myself to easily access the Wall Street Journal from the Factiva website. BYU has a subscription to Factiva’s online content, which allows all students to access the content including the Wall Street Journal. Unfortunately, the service is difficult to browse to and through.

By the click of one button, anyone who has a BYU NetID can easily download the Journal into Excel. The program I wrote accesses the internet, downloads each article and places each one into a separate worksheet. The program then places the text of the article into a textbox and formats the article for readability. Finally, the program creates a table of contents with hyperlinks to each article and hyperlinks in each article that can be used to return to the table of contents. When the user exits the file, the workbook is restored to its original state, and is ready for use again.

Unfortunately, due to my inexperience with HTML, the program only downloads the articles that are shown on the front page of the Journal; although, I had originally planned on downloading the entire Journal. The program can accessed by clicking the following link:

I write-up with further detail about the project is available by clicking the following link:

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