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Monday, April 11, 2011

Blog Manager

Blog Manager is a VBA application that allows posting to and making backups from an unlimited number of Blogger and Posterous blogs.

Many avid bloggers, including me, have difficulty maintaining several blogs across multiple platforms. I frequently need to post the same content in multiple places (once in my public blog, once in my personal, private blog, etc). I also want to back up my blogs so that I can have them for offline use, or even store them in another format.

Blog Manager accomplishes these tasks. Blog manager allows you to:

  • Store account details and usernames for an unlimited number of Blogger or Posterous blogs
  • Compose a new blog post
  • Send a blog post to any or all of your blogs
  • Back up all blog posts in an easy-to-read HTML format
  • Back up all blog posts to a native XML or JSON format for use elsewhere

Blog Manager is useful because it unites two blogging platforms into one interface. Multiple other platforms such as Wordpress could be easily added to the program as well.

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