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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Craigslist Apartment Search

Andrew Brasher Final Project - Craigslist Apartment Search

Every year around March my wife reminds me that our housing contract is going to expire and that we need to start looking for housing.  So I open my browser and go to Craigslist, then search for the same criteria again.  After I get the results, I open a bunch of tabs and look at each ad separately.  Then I try to remember to save each potential website in my bookmarks or I transfer the information to a Google doc to share with my wife. 
I thought that this long process could be easier if I could just run a search, import the information in a way that makes sense, and save the document.  For my VBA Final Project I made a program that will allow a user to search Craigslist.  The program will import the information and any available pictures to the website then the user can save the worksheet.

- Andrew Brasher
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