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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

US Paralympics Scheduling Spreadsheet

US Paralympics is part of a larger world organization that hosts Olympic Games for paraplegic individuals.  After the traditional Olympic Games each two years, the Paralympic Games are held.  The US team is assisted by the US Paralympic organization.  The organization has a goal of helping individuals with physical challenges and getting funding to be able to do that.

In order to get the funding they need, they make an annual trip to visit with elected officials in Washington DC.  This event requires significant coordination of schedules of potentially hundreds of participants.  The system that was developed contains two parts that limit data entry to three tables, which are used because it creates a dynamic environment of which VBA can take advantage.  The system can then automatically generate master schedules for each day of the event.  The second part of the system generates individual itineraries in Word for distribution to the participants.  Word was chosen because there may be a need to input additional information into a participant itinerary.


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