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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dynamic MBA Student Directory

I have recently been working on a project to consolidate all of the student-run websites used by the BYU Marriott MBA program ( Although there are many different aspects to this consolidation project, one aspect is the creation of a student community.  This student community allows students to complete a student profile page (somewhat similar to Facebook) with information like a biography, photo, contact information, etc.

            Currently, the MBA Office compiles a student directory at the beginning of the year, creates a pdf file, and then distributes that to all the students via e-mail.  Unfortunately, if a student gets married, moves, or changes their phone number, none of this information is updated in the static directory, so it is quickly outdated.

My project was to write a program in VBA that will allow the MBA Office to easily perform a query on the community database, and have a printable up-to-date student directory.  The VBA code has 3 parts:
1.      It uses a web query to pull the student data from a directory page on the website.
2.      It calls a secondary Excel file that queries the directory page and imports the html so that it can parse out the url links to the profile images
3.      A user form allows the user to select what type of directory they want (with or without images)

Future additions to the code will include the ability to filter by graduation year, marital status, etc. and an improved layout and format for the printable directories.


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