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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Invoice System

The Problem

The Applewood Estates Homeowners Association treasurer is in need of a new invoice system. His responsibilities include invoicing each member of the HOA each year for the HOA fees. The software they had been using is antiquated and generally ill-suited for the needed functionality. They had been using a purchase order form to create the invoices. The computer with the software is on its last legs creating further urgency in finding a replacement solution.
The HOA mails invoices once a year for fees as well as subsequent months for delinquent accounts. No other invoices are sent. A simple interface for quickly creating invoices is needed.

The Solution

The treasurer is proficient in Excel and came up with the idea and functionality of the Excel implementation. The focus is on the speed of creating invoices. The solution includes the following features:
·         Historical data retention
·         Create, Read, Update and Delete invoices, accounts, and line items to be billed.
·         Each feature can be done at least two different ways through the use of forms as well as controls directly in the worksheet.
·         The sheet will indicate if the invoice has been saved or not as well as if it has been printed or not.
·         Payments can be entered through a form and the account balance will be kept.
·         Delinquent accounts will show up based on the current date and the invoice due dates.

Download the files here:

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