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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Automate Creation of Google Calendar Events

The BYU Intramurals office organizes and runs dozens of sports leagues during each season. These leagues include a number of sports ranging from football or soccer to inner tube water polo or badminton. The intramurals office publishes a schedule of each team’s games on its website which contains all relevant information about each game including date, time, location and the opposing team’s name. The system I’ve programmed will open the intramurals scheduling page on its website and allow the user to select his/her sport, division and team from a series of drop down lists. The program then imports the selected team’s schedule into a new tab in the spreadsheet and creates a new Google calendar event (each game in its own Internet Explorer window) for each game in the schedule. All of the information from the schedule is automatically populated in the Google Calendar event form. The user can then review the information, invite additional teammates if desired and save the new event to his/her calendar.

While choosing a project, one of my main criteria was to do something that could be useful to BYU students but could also be applied in other useful ways both now and in the future. I decided that if I could use VBA to interact with Google calendar to automate the creation of calendar events/invitations then this would satisfy my criteria. It will save students who choose to participate in intramurals the time it takes to create individual events and reduces the possibility of making data entry errors. Working with the automation of Google Calendar events could have applications at home, in church callings and at work.

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  1. Hi, did this project ever succeed? I would be very interested in seeing the VBA code! :-) Can you mail me on

    Many thanks!

  2. I too am curious. Can you update the status of the project or perhaps send a link to any other progress?

  3. plz send me the code at


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