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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Budgetation Spreadsheet

Each month my wife and I sit down to do the budget and record our expenses for the month.  The process we had before was to open the spreadsheet where we recorded everything and then open up our bank website.  One of us would read off the transactions from the bank statement and the other would record it in the spreadsheet.  We found that if we hadn’t done it for a couple of weeks that this process could take well over an hour and it became very bothersome.   For this problem I decided to automate the processing of pulling the transactions down from the bank’s website and putting them on the spreadsheet.  Thus the Budgetation Spreadsheet was born.
Since this is for my personal bank account at UCCU this only works for their website (  In addition to the automated transaction pull from the website, I’ve added some user forms in order to easily add budget categories and any transactions that aren’t recorded on the bank statement (e.g. cash transactions).  Lastly I’ve automated the calculations of each section’s totals with the click of a button.  This has greatly reduced our budget maintenance and planning process and is a big stress reliever come budget time.

VBA File -
Write-up -

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