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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Media Maven - Keeping Track of Your Books, CDs, and DVDs

Although nearly all forms of media are being consumed by the “digital revolution,” there are still remnants of times past that we all own – physical CDs, DVDs and books. Digital media managers are commonplace and can be found on every personal computer system. iTunes, Windows Media Player, WinAmp, MediaMonkey, etc. are sophisticated applications and are free to boot. Similar applications to keep track of physical media are more difficult to come by and usually come with a fee attached.

Media Maven is a VBA application that looks to fill that need. It easily and intuitively tracks physical books, CDs, and DVDs. Once entered into the excel “database,” the inventory is easily searched and editable, all through a user form-driven interface. In addition to tracking the inventory that you own, you can also specify a location if you so desire to have more fine-grain control over your inventory. In addition, Media Maven allows you to keep track of the physical media that others have borrowed.

This program was created with my needs in mind but I believe that anyone who wants a capable, portable physical media inventory application will find Media Maven extremely useful and easy to use.

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