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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tracking Inventory for the Romney Institute

Executive Summary

The Romney Institute of Public Management is the department in the Marriott School that offers the MPA graduate degree. “The mission of the MPA program is to prepare leaders of exceptional capability and integrity who are committed to serving their communities and improving public service organizations” (Romney Institute Mission Statement). As a student employee in the department it is my responsibility to help create an orderly environment that will best serve the faculty, students, alumni, and other friends of the Romney Institute.

During the past couple of years, the department has acquired a large inventory of gifts that they use to thank visitors who visit campus to assist in educating our students, individuals who help build networking relationships, or any other areas members of the department feel a gift is necessary. Tracking expenses, maintaining counts, and reporting sales tax on this inventory has been quite difficult to manage in the past.

A solution to the problems stated above would be to create an excel spreadsheet that would be managed by VBA using user forms. These user forms would make the inventory tracking records consistent and collect the information needed to track expenses, inventory counts, and generate sales tax reports. Expenses and counts would be generated instantly and management will be able to make decisions quickly when approached with questions about inventory.

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