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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Brand Analysis Tool

Executive Summary

Business Description

This upcoming summer I will begin employment with The Hershey Company in a brand management role.  Brand Managers often spend a lot of time analyzing data within their respective categories and specifically for their brand.  Brand managers are expected to produce weekly and monthly reports describing the health of the business and trends that they find within the category, channel, consumer preference, and competition from a data source known as AC Nielsen.   AC Nielsen is a data aggregator that collects scanner sales data points from manufacturers, such as Hershey, MARS, and Nestle, within a category from retailers such as Walmart, Grocery Stores, Sam’s Club, and 7 11’s.  The data analysis brand managers currently do is an extremely manual and cumbersome project.  This project is intended to reduce the time that brand managers manually sift through data by automating data analysis and thereby allow these individuals to spend more time in more strategic, value added activities.

System Built

The project I created, “Brand Report”, analyzes brand performance within a given time period from AC Nielsen data.  “Brand Report” has 5 main points of functionality.  The predominant functionality is that it takes a large amount of raw AC Nielsen data and quickly analyzes a brand's performance.  Other points of functionality includes importing category trends, doing a competitive analysis, importing trends within a marketing analysis framework known as “PEST”, and finally the ability to send the report via email.  

** Due to data sensitivity, the actual workbook will not be posted here

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  1. Are the pdf-documents or samples of the tool still available? It would be nice to learn more about this tool.


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