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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

VBA Grocery List

Executive Summary

Project Objective:

Far too often people arrive home after grocery shopping only to realize that they have forgotten to purchase one or more essential grocery items for the upcoming week.  Too often, I have found myself in this exact predicament.  Forgetting an item is especially aggravating when it is an essential ingredient in meals you were hoping to make that week. The only solutions are to either go back to the store or revise your meal plans for the upcoming week. 

In an effort to solve this problem I have created a VBA grocery list which ensures that users will always go to the grocery store with a complete list of the ingredients they will need based on what they want to make that week.

System Overview: 

The VBA grocery list achieves the project objectives by first offering users the ability to enter in all of the recipes that they love to make.  These recipes are stored in a worksheet.  When it is time to go to the grocery store, the user clicks on the “make a list” button and is prompted with the names of the recipes they entered into the system.  Now the user only needs to choose which recipes they want to make for the upcoming week and the program will automatically compile a list of all necessary ingredients (and their quantity) that the user will need to make their selected meals. 

Before finalizing the list, the program allows the user to go through and uncheck the ingredients that they already have or modify the ingredient amounts.  Finally the program will group the items based on the food type (eg. dairy, vegetables, etc…) and the user can click a button to print out the complete grocery list.  

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