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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fee Trading

Executive Summary
Fee Trading
I work at a Financial Planning Firm named Merrill Financial Associates. We help people decide how to allocate their money for optimal performance and minimal risk.  We are also concerned with making sure that client’s investments are liquid so that they can access them when they need them. We are a fee based advisor ship, with our yearly rate being 1.5% of a client’s portfolio. We manage over $115 million, with estimated growth in the next 10 years between $200 and $300 million.  In order to charge a fee from a client, which we do quarterly, there must be cash in their account. Often this means we must sell a portion of their holdings to pay for the fee. I am tasked with doing this, and it can be very time consuming. This project will probably save me about 3 days or work per quarter. I have automated the process of finding short accounts, finding necessary holdings, and deciding whether those holdings are suitable for sale.

Here is the URL for the actual Fee Trading Workbook and the full write up:

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